Eventistry Managemenrt require ALL stallholders adhere to our Terms & Conditions when making a booking. For your reference, they are listed here. You will be required to confirm acceptance of these when making your booking.

If you have any further questions, please make contact with the Team.

Applications for Stallholders to our Events should be made on the official form and include all requested details and documents.

Eventistry Management reserves the right to refuse any application on the grounds of unsuitability for the event or other reasons given by Eventisty Management.

Eventistry Management will always allow at least 90 minutes for stallholders to set up. Please ensure that your stall is setup and ready for trading at least 15 minutes before the event’s opening time.

We will not accept late arrivals within 30 minutes of the event.  Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to set out your stall.

Stallholders shall only occupy the area that has been allocated to them and that has been paid for. All positioning of stalls will be the responsibility of Eventistry Management.

Please ensure that your stall in clean and tidy, boxes / packaging etc should be out of sight, either behind your stall or returned to your vehicle.

Please only trade products that have been declared on your booking form. Trading other items is not permitted.

In the unlikely event that Eventistry Management cancels an event, then Eventistry Management will refund stallholders the stall fee paid.

If, as a stallholder, you are unable to attend the event you are booked onto, the stall fees are non refundable.

Eventistry Management will not be held responsible for a lack of sales or the number of visitors to the event. As such, stall fees are non refundable.

Stallholders are requested to conduct themselves in way that is courteous to all visitors, staff and other stallholders. Abuse or violence to staff, visitors to the event, or other stallholders will not be tolerated. Anyone not adhering to this basic requirement will be asked to leave the event and forfeit their stall fee.

Stallholders are only permitted to occupy the space that they have paid for and been allocated.

Stallholders must not walk around the venue handing out flyers or information. You may display flyers etc on your own stall only.

Stallholders should not start to pack up before the official end time of the event. This is unfair on both the visitors to the event and to other stallholders and will not be tolerated.

No dogs are permitted at the events, unless it is a Registered Blind Dog.

All stallholders are required to hold their own Public Liability Insurance which covers that date of the event with a Minimum of £5million. A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate should be sent to Eventistry Management at the time of booking. Any stallholder who is unable to provide their own Public Liability Insurance Certificate in advance will be unable to attend the event.

If your stall is food based, please ensure that you have the correct certificates etc and that copies of these certificates are also sent to Eventistry Management when booking.

All stallholders agree to indemnify Eventistry Management against all claims for damages or injury to person(s) or property in respect of ANY claim.

Eventistry Management will not accept stallholders selling fur, ivory or animal products from protected or endangered species.

Stallholders who have booked confirm that their goods comply with the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).

All goods sold, must be legally owned by the stallholder.

Stallholders are not permitted to sell items that contravene any of the following, or indeed, similar associated legislation:

Trademarks Acts 1994
Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988
Trade Descriptions Act 1968
Video Recordings Act 1984

Eventistry Management will not be held responsible for any non-compliance by any stallholder with any Law, By-Law, Act or Statute.

Eventistry Management will not take any responsibility for any items sold by the stallholder.

Eventistry Management requires that ALL stallholders comply with all of the relevant Environment, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Trading Standards and all associated Regulations.

Stallholders are responsible for their own safety and that of their stall and agree to indemnify Eventistry Management against ALL claims arising out of negligence on the part of the stallholder and / or their assistants.

Stallholders are responsible for ALL activities that occur on their stall during the event. This includes stall security and money. Eventistry Management will not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage, however caused.

Stallholders are permitted to bring children with them t the event, however, the stallholder has full responsibility to ensure that they are safe at all times.

Eventistry Management will not be held liable for the safety of persons, stock, money or possessions whilst travelling to, from or during the event.


Stallholders are required to be in attendance at their stall at ALL times. This is Health & Safety requirement.

Where a Power Supply is available at an event, all portable appliances used by the stallholder MUST have an up to date PAT Certificate.

ALL events operated by Eventistry Management have a No Smoking Policy. The stall is deemed to be a place of work, therefore smoking at the stall is not permitted.

The stallholder is responsible for the cleanliness of their own stall

Stallholders are required to remove from the venue, all rubbish and associated packaging etc that their stall has generated at the end of the event. Failure to do so may incur an additional fee to cover the cost of any cleaning and may result in being refused another stall at another event.

Stallholders are accountable financially for any damage caused to the event venue.

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